18+ Ukraine Army Bombing Peaceful Citizens of Donbass 15 08 2014
Ukrainian army without mercy carries death in the city of Donbass (former territory of Ukraine). People are dying in their homes. Dying adults, children and elderly. These poor grandmother died just sitting on a bench outside his home. Whom they have wronged? Why they were not allowed to live quietly and peacefully their old age, to play with their grandchildren? THIS GENOCIDE !!!



Info from DPR major general, but he has such ironic manner of writing that it might as well be joke, but earlier his “jokes” turned out to be facts in the end: DPR prime minister Zakharchenko prepares own surprise on 24th August — day of UA independence, date by which UA generals wanted to capture Donetsk. 

Not military, like 100500 tanks attacking, just certain event in Donetsk involving burnt UA vehicles. Will see.