I don’t usually write so, because everyone likes using the word in vain, but he’s real hero. Just. 

Watch. Especially in the end.

During the recon militia squad stumbled upon the large enemy group. His squad was outnumbered, so he took the main strike upon himself ordered his men to retreat, lost his hand but kept covering retreat of his boys with one hand torn away. He kept fighting until lost his consciousness. Yesterday there were reports of his death. By morning militias returned to collect body of their commander back. But it turned out that he was alive. He was taken to hospital.



At least 13 civilians and likely dozens more have been killed by continuing artillery barrages, as government troops close in on militia positions around the city of Gorlovka in eastern Ukraine.

A 1-year old - killed next to her parents - and a 5-year old are among the dead, according to information published by the Donetsk regional administration. Several local journalists on the ground have reported that as many as 30 have been killed, as fighting continues.Government troops reached the outskirts of the city of 250,000 people late on Thursday, and have pushed militants back into positions inside residential areas. 

From about 5am Sunday morning, heavy artillery shells began to explode alongside several of the main highways.

"They were aiming for our headquarters, but missed and hit residential areas instead," a local militant source told RIA news agency. 

One of the mortars hit the top floor of a popular supermarket that had customers inside. Another hit exploded in a courtyard outside an apartment block, and another next to a maternity hospital. We still don’t know how many are dead – there are ambulances everywhere,” local resident Sergey, who did not want to give his surname for fear of reprisals, told RT.

Officials from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic say the government is using powerful but imprecise BM-21 Grad (Hail) missiles in densely populated areas.



Some 1,129 people have been killed and nearly 3,500 wounded in eastern Ukraine since the start of the Kiev’s military operation in April, according to UN estimates.

The report also states that these are the minimum casualty toll estimates by the UN monitoring mission and WHO.

The report says that the cause of the rising death toll is intensified artillery shelling of the civilian residential areas and the so-called “collateral damage” of the armed actions in the heavily-populated areas.

Also, 100,000 people were forcibly displaced in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine’s ‘hotheads’

Angus Roxburgh (Comment, 22 July) describes the “rebels” in eastern Ukraine as “drunken, gun-toting hotheads”. Some facts are in order. Ukraine’s democratically elected President Yanukovich was overthrown in a western-backed and largely fascist-led coup. In response the people of Donetsk and Luhansk, who had supported Yanukovich, held referendums for independence on 11 May. With turnouts of 75% in both Donetsk and Luhansk they voted for independence from Ukraine with 89% and 96% respectively of the vote. The response was an intensification of the military assault from Kiev.

In a subsequent presidential election from which millions abstained Petro Poroshenko won with a turnout of less than 45%. Since that time Donetsk and Luhansk have been pounded by the military, with more than 500 deaths, 1,400 injured and 165,000 refugees. Those who have resisted this onslaught are called “terrorists” by the Kiev regime, and “drunken hotheads” by Angus Roxburgh.

Neil Harvey
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nationalist twitter: 1st picture “Our artillery strikes terrorists in Gorlovka yay!”
2nd (results of that MLRS strike) — “Gorlovka. Center. Results of terrorist artillery strike”. 

Well, indeed UA army are terrorists, but it’s just what happens in UA propaganda: show own artillery shelling towns and “YAY WE’RE STRONG!!”, show results of their crimes and say “IT WAS DONE BY RUSSIAN TERRORISTS!”

Провокации и терракты

Обращение Сопротивления: Аваков и Наливайченко готовят терракты

Так как завалили личку и комментарии этим видео и просьбами пропиарить его, то отдельным постом даю видео Гурьянова (недавно убежал от Кургиняна и уже успел разоблачить московского провокатора) , где он предупреждает о высокой вероятности терактов на территории оккупированной Украины. Теракты будут организованы Аваковым и Ко, с понятной целью свалить все на ополченцев и РФ.

Причины собственно понятны. Несмотря на все вопли про терроризм, терроризмом ополченцы никак заниматься не желают, поэтому им надо в этом помочь, устроив теракт за них, убив несколько десятков, а лучше несколько сотен жителей “незалежной рохляндии”. Как и где, не так важно, главное побольше трупов и кровавого месива (оторванные руки, ноги, убитые дети) для устойчивой информационной картинки, на базе которой можно развернуть информационную истерии направленную на получение нужных последствий. Ввод войск НАТО, это одно из желаемых последствий, для чего сейчас пытаются создать необходимые основания.

Если говорить о вероятности, то на мой взгляд, ситуация со стороны хунты весьма критическая, провокация с “Боингом” провалилась, поэтому очевидны попытки изыскать новую почву для провокаций, которые должны переломить информационную войну в пользу хунты и поспособствовать вводу войск НАТО на Украину.

Говорить о подготовке подобных провокаций надо, чтобы потом хунте было труднее свалить ответственность за них на ополченцев или РФ. В этих вопросах всегда лучше перебдеть, чем недобдеть.